Quality Kitchens and Floors - Do not use this business

Cameron, North Carolina 1 comment
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Quality Kitchens & Floors Inc in Spring Lake NC is one of the most poorly run businesses I have ever come across.The owner Travis Eckhart is a crook.He makes a habit of taking deposits for jobs, then does not complete the work.

He does not pay his employees on time and that's if he pays them at all. There are employees who are owed in excess of $4000. He withheld monies from paychecks for insurance that employees signed up for but then failed to pay the insurance company those funds. He uses the company credit card for personal gains.

Do not believe a word that come out of Travis Eckhart's mouth, he will do whatever he can to scam you.



What in the world do your comments have to do with the company for which I submitted my complaint about?? :? Please submit your own complaint and do not use the reply space provided to rant about something that has nothing to do with my complaint. Thanks so much.

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